An independent study of time and relativity.

About the author.

I am a schizophrenic, I was sectioned in 2012 for 2 months. Prior to my section I had a severe mental breakdown in 2006 and 2007 and recovered very gradually (the section helped enormously). I am mentally disabled, I see things and I hear voices, however, I am not stupid. Due to visual and auditory hallucinations and severe anxiety I cannot work, however, I do not sit around idly. I have read just about everyday since August 2016 (mostly history), therefore I am a QBE academic, in that I have independently read over 100 books and I have wrote a 30k word essay titled primitive or archaic relativity (time 4 forgiveness). I have also conducted an independent investigation of or, which is mathematical time or relativity. Hence, I am trying to understand or balance time and relativity with the spiritual and divine. What is time? Is it light? Is it fundamentally divine? What is spirituality and the divine? Is it light? Is it energy? All I know is that they are acataleptic (not understandable) and therefore, require belief, whereas time and Albert Einstein do not. My DJ name primitive or archaic innocence is one half of primitive relativity. I was born in 1981 and from 1985 I grew up in between three locations, Easington Colliery in County Durham, England, a gold mining town called Obuasi in the Ashanti region of Ghana, West Africa and a boarding school (Barnard Castle School) also in County Durham. My family has a mining heritage. My ancestors worked the collieries in the north of England, with only my father raising the game to gold mining in 1985, when he started work for Ashanti Goldfields Corporation (AGC) in Ghana, West Africa. Most importantly I am a QBE academic, I have Bachelor of Arts degree, but I have no specific qualifications to make orthodox other than my experience of Africa and that I have independently read over 100 books to research the essay.


This work is the secondary objective of a general and independent study of time and relativity, the other work, primitive relativity (see menu) is the main objective. Square of time is the simplest form of mathematical time or relativity, however, it’s main purpose is just to contrast and support primitive relativity which is writing or essay time. There is nothing in the both of these websites that is not ultimately credited to Albert Einstein! By this I mean that the relativity of primitive relativity would not work without Albert Einstein’s theory, as in time and the terms relative and relatively would be meaningless without it. If primitive or archaic relativity is in any way theoretical then that theory is just relativity and hence all of it belongs to Professor Einstein. Archaic relativity is not a broad field or even a branch of relativity, but it is hoped it could be a ‘twig’ of relativity. To reiterate, I am only hoping to propose that there is a case for a ‘primitive’ or ‘archaic’ relativity.

Albert Einstein requires no faith!

Because the Christ and the Buddha were ancient and primitive men what does that tell us? It tells us that you do not need to be modern and advanced to be eternally relative or relevant like perpetual teenagers that never date or go out of fashion. You can be primitive. No matter how high and advanced we get ultimately we are all beaten by two ancient and primitive men. How? It must be relative? I have removed all references to the spiritual and divine in and then quickly put them back! Yet again I got all secular and scientific and lost faith in the spiritual! This must be the third or fourth time that I have lost faith in the divine, and purely pursued time and relativity. However, it dawned on me that does not work without them, in fact completely blew on me without the spiritual aspect, hence I have reinstated the spiritual and divine elements to their former place. I would now like to state that I believe in the Buddha and Jesus Christ, but I understand Albert Einstein. The only difference is that Albert Einstein requires no faith! Why does primitive or archaic relativity require divinity? We can say things like it was relatively no problem for Homo antecessor to cannibalise compared to Jeffrey Dahmer because H. antecessor was so primitive and innocent in that they had no infrastructure, military, police, emergency services or medicine etc and because they came from such a long time ago. Therefore, why isn’t relativity and time enough? Because relativity and time can determine if you are innocent and deserve forgiveness isn’t relativity and time therefore morality?

Gautama Buddha.
Before Siddhārtha Gautama became Buddha he was the son of a king and lived a life of opulence in a palace, hidden from the miseries of the world. Siddhartha could have been a king, however, instead he then renounced his royal claim and wealth and deliberately pursued poverty and practiced extreme self-mortification, almost dying of starvation in the process. Because of this Herculean sacrifice from a rich and royal life to one of abject poverty and suffering (or inverse of deserved divinity), Siddhārtha Gautama then consequently attained nirvana and became the Buddha.

Time is not spiritual or divine.

To reiterate I am working on two things and Both works incorporate time, however, the former is mathematical time where as the latter is writing or essay time. What I mean by writing or essay time is that primitive relativity and primitive innocence are just literature and simply use the terms time, relative and relatively. As  does not prove anything scientifically that is not already known, therefore, both works together are just an independent and general study of time and relativity. I have learned that other than “being ahead” there is not much in the mathematical time where as there is innocence and forgiveness in writing or essay time. When I first studied , I lost all faith in the spiritual and divine (for the first time) and after toing and froing, back and forth I now believe this is not right. Because I was studying I stated rational things like:

“Time is not spiritual or divine.”

“Do not seek spiritual enlightenment, seek time intellectually.”

”Never listen to electronic beats, all you need is a ticking clock.”

I am not sure I believe the top two statements as I have turned back to the spiritual and divine. However, I definitely do not now believe the third, as DJing and music are beautiful and hip in a way that science and academia can never be, which are dry and ugly in comparison. With DJing I make no effort to be fashionable as I am a 39 year old dinosaur and because I read and write a lot my DJ name and websites are more educational and in a ‘realist style’, ‘geek style’ or ‘square style’. When it comes to fashion think of me as more of a historian DJ than a supercool DJ. To help explain my DJ style, consider the following scenario. Scientists and academics are not fashionable compared to DJs, however, what if scientists or academics did like trance music and did want to DJ? If you want a truly ‘Cosmic Gate’ or ‘Solarstone’ or if you want the Ibizan club ‘Space’ to truly live up to its name, why not experiment and ask a scientist to DJ? The sound and light engineering of events and clubs are just science, in fact all the technology that goes into events and clubs is just science, so why then rely on psychedelia or the spiritual and divine? Scientists make clubbing happen. If scientists created a club what would it look like? What would a ‘scientific club’s’ posters, flyers and graphic designs look like? They would probably consist of black holes, galaxies and supernovae etc, as opposed to psychedelic or spiritual trance designs. What is graphic design anyway? Do scientists really need graphic design? They would also probably use real space and time in that the gig or club opening doors might have a certain precise date and time, at which one had to be punctual and ‘be there or B²’. Hence, this determines there could hypothetically be a ‘realist style’, ‘geek style’ or ‘square style’ of DJing and clubbing. Hence, the ‘realist style’, ‘geek style’ or ‘square style’ of my DJ name. To reiterate, DJing and music are cool, beautiful and hip in a way that science and academia can never be, which are dry and ugly in comparison. However, can we not unite beauty with brains? Therefore, my DJ name is never fashionable but is a ‘realist style’, ‘geek style’ or ‘square style’. My actual goal is just to educate people about primitive or archaic relativity (time for forgiveness), hence, I only use DJing to help spread the word. If you like you can listen to my mixes here.

Equations v literature.

There is no forgiveness in scientific or mathematical time, however, there is innocence and forgiveness and forgiveness in writing or essay time. To demonstrate, modern crimes are relatively evil as compared to the deeds of prehistoric men, such as murder and cannibalism etc, which were relatively less of an issue for prehistoric man because he was so primitive and innocent in that they had no technology, infrastructure or medicine etc, and also because they came from such a long time ago. Also for example, when I first studied I said that if you want to say something, say it with mathematics, formulas and equations not with writing. However, the only problem with mathematics and physics is that although you can fundamentally command people with formulas and equations, you do not get to choose what you want to say, they are actually utterly neutral and devoid of any philosophical, moral or political content. Therefore, we have absolutely no hope for forgiveness (particularly to do with the Holocaust) with mathematics and physics. Hence, although literature does not command people in the same way as equations and formulas, it has philosophical, moral and political content.

Square of time formula:

A = BT²

B = A/T²

T² = A/B


A = small magnitude time length

B = large magnitude time length

T² = small time magnitude square

Notice how A = BT² formula coincidentally matches E = MC² formula. Like I said all of this belongs to Albert Einstein.

What is square of time?

Square of time is CAPITAL T².

Not small t!

Small t is a length or a dimension.

CAPITAL T or T² is a magnitude of time, not a dimension.

Although I have no other experience T or T² seems to me the best way to understand time. It is certainly the simplest.

The point of orders of magnitude.

Why does a square of time exist? Surely it would not exist without orders of magnitude? There is no better way to use orders of magnitude of time than with square of time or maths and time. It gives them an excellent use. What else is the point of orders of magnitude for time?

What is the point of square time?

Square of time is relativity for laypeople like me, how else can laypeople like me genuinely practice, perform or exercise any form of relativity? Special and general relativity are too advanced. I am clueless! I mean I have never heard of any simple exercises with E = MC² that laypeople like me can practice, however, there are literally infinite exercises of A = BT². You can work with any time you like such as Mayan time or Martian time. Square of time is also “ahead” because the mathematics and formulas are very quick and they are always one step “ahead” of you, therefore, you have to think one step “ahead” in order to workout the questions.

How does relate to

First of all, the obvious connection between them is time. Secondly, there is no morality in scientific relativity such as E = MC² and nuclear energy etc, in fact there is obviously even no morality in simple maths and time relativity such as T², however there is morality and even forgiveness in primitive relativity.

‪How is primitivism linked to relativity?‬

‪The further you go back in time the more primitive life was and animals (such as humans) were, therefore the more innocent they were relatively. For example in the 1980s we had no internet or mobile phones and we did not understand smart things like FaceTime and Spotify, therefore we were much more primitive and innocent in the 1980s than the 2020s. In the 1980s we could only imagine that a video call would be something like out of Star Trek or the Aliens films, we had no idea it would just be an app called ‘FaceTime’. And music to us was simply cassette tapes, we could not even imagine that one day music would be ‘streamed’ over the internet, in fact we would not have even understood what you meant by ‘streamed’ or the internet. This is primitive innocence! I even remember when compact discs or CDs came out, we were all amazed by them, we never really thought it would get any better. This is primitive innocence! Therefore, imagine how primitive and innocent Victorian, medieval, ancient and prehistoric people were! Prehistoric people were so primitive and innocent they could literally get away with rape, murder and cannibalism etc. Therefore, ultimately (and nipping things in the bud), primitive relativity and primitive innocence are the theory that sinners such as Adolf Hitler, Jeffrey Dahmer and Jimmy Savile can go back in time relatively to a more primitive period to seek acceptance and forgiveness. For example, if Adolf Hitler went back in time hundreds of thousands of years could he have “relative innocence”? See Question 24.

What has relativity got to do with crime?

Time! Crime and sin are relative, because greed, theft, rape, child molestation, murder and cannibalism were relatively no sweat with primitive animals and prehistoric man, this is because prehistoric man was primitive and old, in that he had no infrastructure, technology or medicine etc and that he came from a much more ancient and different time period. For example, slavery was relatively more acceptable in the ancient and medieval periods. Therefore, the only issue with modern crimes is that they are anachronistic, in that they are out of place or in the wrong time, this is why they are so relatively evil compared to the sins of prehistoric man such as Homo antecessor. Also obviously there is the connection that criminals have to serve time in prison for their crimes or sins. For example, if Jeffrey Dahmer went back in time tens of thousands of years could he have “relative innocence”? See Question 25.

Finally, even primitives such as prehistoric man understood small t which is normal counting or lengths as in basic numbers like 3 rocks or 3 rocks times 10 equals 30 rocks and 3 rocks divided by 10 equals 0.3 of a rock. However, counting time behaves differently, with CAPITAL T² or relativity, 3, 30 and 0.3 are exactly the same. (And 3 could potentially equal anything else for that matter).

Common knowledge?

Obviously it’s known that time is a magnitude, but I personally have never heard it said before that “time is not dimension, it is only a magnitude”, people have always told me that time is the fourth dimension or a kind of dimension or kind of a length, however, this investigation shows that real time or relative time is never a length or a dimension, it is only a magnitude! For such a simple formula, I am surprised that it is not very common knowledge indeed. Why didn’t I know? For example, 3 seconds is also obviously 30 deciseconds and 0.3 decaseconds, however, the difference between 30 and 0.3 is a square of the order magnitude of time as in 100 ds² and this is T². In physics time is called a scalar quantity as opposed to a vector quantity, but it gets advanced quickly, where as to understand time properly, even a child can do it with T².


A very simple example:

t = 3 seconds

T^1 = 10 ds

T^2 = (3 × 10) / (3 / 10) = 10² = 100 ds²

A = 3 × 10 = 30 deciseconds (ds)

B = 3 / 10 = 0.3 decaseconds (das)

Note how 30, 3 and 0.3 (A, t and B) are all the same length of time, just different magnitudes. It is as if real time or relative time is never actually divided into say 30 decaseconds or 3 seconds as it is also 0.3 of a decasecond.

Time is therefore whole, one, eternal, relative and a magnitude.


You need a calculator that converts decimals to fractions to practice mathematics and time. I recommend the Natural Scientific Calculator.

Natural Scientific Calculator by Stultus Studios Pty Ltd.

Occasionally a very powerful calculator is needed to calculate long numbers. PCalc is recommended.

PCalc by TLA Systems Ltd.


There are just a few very simple things you need to know to practice maths and time. You can learn them all in seconds.

1. Orders of magnitude (time).

As in attosecond (as) and exasecond (Es) etc. The above link is used for quick reference.

2. Scientific notation.

As in 2.3855886103 × 10^13

For ease of writing and although unorthodox:

X = 2.3855886103

3. Understood k.

The unit of time is always the number plus the decimal. We will take minutes (m) for an example:

m = 65/4 = 16.25

k is always the whole number part of the unit of time in question, (as opposed to the whole number plus the decimal or just the decimal) and although unorthodox, k is an ‘understood k’ in that it is the k of the unit of time being subtracted k or the k of the decimal being added k. Taking the above example using minutes (m):

k = 16

The division is always the decimal part of the unit of time for example again using the minutes (m) example above:

s/60 = 1/4 or 0.25


m = k + s/60 = 16 + 0.25 = 65/4 = 16.25

A typical example:

s/60 = 1/4

s/60 is the decimal of minutes.

k = m – s/60 = 16

This means that the whole minutes (k) equals minutes (m) minus the decimal of minutes (s/60). Note k is usually chosen by you at will or at random.

m = k + s/60 = 65/4 = 16.25

This mean that minutes (m) equals whole minutes (k) plus the decimal of minutes (s/60).

Another example with days (d) and hours (h), let’s say:

d = 82319/3456


h/24 = d – k = 2831/3456

This means that the decimal of days (h/24) equals days (d) minus whole days (k). Note how d – k is another way to say h/24.

h = (d – k) × 24 = 2831/144

This means that hours (h) equals days (d) minus whole days (k) multiplied by 24. As noted above d – k is another way to say h/24, therefore (d – k) times 24 equals h. Note how the unit of time (h) is encoded in the decimal (h/24) of the previous unit of time (d).

k = h – m/60 = 19

This means that whole hours (k) equals hours (h) minus the decimal of hours (m/60).


4. Basics rules of exponents.

As in when you multiply two exponents you add the exponents.

X × 10^13 × 10^6 = X × 10^19

And when you divide two exponents you subtract the exponents.

X × 10^6 / 10^13 = X × 10^-7

That is about it!


A simple example of a square of time:


B = A/T^2 = X × 10^4 Ms

Note: the only clue in the above problem is the unit of time, as in megaseconds (Ms).

Therefore, what are the magnitudes of T^1, T^-1, T^2 and T^-2?

What are the powers n of X × 10^n for A and t?


T^1 = √(A/B) = 10^6 μs

T^-1 = √(B/A) = 10^-6 Ms

T^2 = A/B = 10^12 μs²

T^-2 = B/A = 10^-12 Ms²

A = BT^2 = X × 10^4 × 10^12 = X × 10^16 μs

t = A/T^1 = X × 10^16 / 10^6 = X × 10^10 s

It is a square of time!

Note: square of time is all about the exponents.

Click here for more complex questions.

It is not a waste of time.